Over the years I have tried many crafts to satisfy my creative drive.  Jewelry is the one that stuck.   It all started with a $15 bead kit.  That led to metalworking classes which led to enameling.  Recently I have begun to work with ceramics, including raku.

Before making jewelry I rarely wore it.  My personal style is quite casual and simple, so most jewelry felt too dressy.  As I started to experiment and produce my own pieces, I began to enjoy wearing what I made. 

I always strive to produce pieces that are well-crafted, attractive and edgy.  My most successful designs are a result of an organic, experimental process.  My vague ideas come together as I play with the components.  One client described my designs as jewelry collages.   I hope you find them interesting.

The name of my Etsy shop, Chi-town Design was partially chosen by my niece who helped me set it up.  Since I live in "Chicagoland" and Chicago is an edgy city that has great design, ethnic diversity, and natural beauty, I think it is appropriate.  You can navigate to my shop by pressing the "SHOP" button at the top of the  page.




"I am enchanted !!! Fabulous piece of art ! Charming Raku hand work, GREAT ! I enjoy! Thanks Marti!"

"A beautiful piece, earthy but vibrant, and extremely comfortable to wear. Thank you!"


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